Bryan-College Station Property Tax Guide

How Property Taxes Work with in Brazos County

Every year, the Brazos County Appraisal District issues updates to the county’s property tax rates and estimations. Brazos County, just like other counties in the State of Texas, uses property taxes to fund local services and amenities like schools, special districts, higher education, and other services. 

A tax assessor along with the taxing units, estimate how much money it costs to provide services to the local population and sets their budget  accordingly. 

They then work with a tax collector (in this case the Brazos County Tax Assessor) who sets the tax rate for residential and commercial property owners. This amount is then issued to the property owner to pay, funding important local services for another year.

The Brazos County Tax Assessor collects for the following entities: 

  • Brazos County
  • Bryan Independent School District
  • City of Bryan
  • City of College Station
  • City of Kurten
  • City of Navasota
  • College Station Independent School District
  • Emergency Services District #1
  • Emergency Services District #2
  • Emergency Services District #3
  • Emergency Services District #4
  • Navasota Independent School District

To simplify this, here are the parties involved in the property taxing process:

  • Property owner/taxpayer – anyone who owns residential or commercial property within the tax district
  • Taxing unit – local schools, services that utilize local taxes to fund services
  • Appraisal district – the entity who appraises the value of your property, setting the tax rate
  • Appraisal review board – the organization who is responsible for mediating disputes between the appraisal district and property owners
  • County tax assessor/collector – the body that actually collects the owed tax from the property owner and distributes it accordingly to the taxing units

What is the Property Tax Rate in Brazos County?

Currently, the property tax rates for the 2020 year will be set at $2.259018 per $100 assessed home value. All collected taxes will go towards the following services:

  • Debt Service: 40.5%
  • General Fund: 59.5%

Here’s a break out of the tax rate for all taxing entities is as follows from the Brazos County Appraisal District:

  • College Station: 0.534618 cents
  • Brazos County: 0.495000 cents
  • CSISD: 1.229400 cents

When to Prepare/Pay Your Property Taxes in Brazos County

A lot is happening at the Brazos Central Appraisal District at the beginning of the year to prepare for tax season. If you want to see a full schedule of the property tax year, you can click this link. Otherwise, here are some important dates to keep in mind:

  • October 1 – day that tax assessor will mail the year’s tax bills to property owners
  • April 15 – last day for property owners to file renditions to their property information, unless requesting an extension
  • April 30 – last day to file a protest with the Appraisal Review Board
  • May 1 – 15 – Chief appraiser must publish information on the protest procedure

Appealing Property Taxes in Brazos County

Many homeowners will appeal their property’s appraised value to make sure that their tax bill doesn’t go up as property values rise. People do this because appraised value is different than the sales price when you sell. Oftentimes, property tax rates can go up quite a bit (especially in Texas) which can have a big impact on your overall monthly payment.

  • As of right now, individual homeowners with homes below $400,000 in appraised value are eligible for online appeals. You can submit your appeal here.
  • For homes above the $400,000 threshold, you will need to file a written appeal by April 30th

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