Shining a Light on The Barracks Awesome Youtube Channel

I’ve been looking around trying to find unique information on The Barracks Townhome community of College Station to add to our neighborhood page.

In that pursuit, I stumbled across their awesome Youtube channel.

Now, I’ll tell you – you don’t see this often from condo communities. What they’ve done is really unique. They’ve created a video repository of maintenance tips and FAQs related to living at The Barracks Townhomes. There are even videos that talk about The Barracks’ bathroom amenities by showing a worst case scenario of sharing your bathroom with your roommates.

I highly recommend that anyone looking to rent or buy a condo at The Barracks Townhomes check out the channel. I’m going to include some of my favorite videos below:

Life is Better at the Barracks

The Barracks boasts one of the most unique amenities of any student housing property I’ve ever heard of: on site waterpark. This video showcases the lifestyle and amazing things that The Barracks has to offer residents.

Park Where You Live

Another great amenity about The Barracks is the fact that residents are able to park in their very own driveway, as opposed to a parking garage that is common to most other student housing complexes.

The Taco Bell Disaster

This video hilariously showcases why its better to have your very own bathroom versus sharing a bathroom with your roommates.

On Site Dog Park

If you’ve ever tried to live in an apartment with a pet, you’ll know that they can be very unfriendly to the daily responsibility of making sure your furry friend can relieve themselves and get adequate exercise. Here’s a creative look at why having an on site dog park is better at The Barracks.

No Neighbors Above You

You can tell that the folks at The Barracks have lived in an apartment complex before and have had to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors. It’s not something that you would necessarily think a condo complex would really care about or highlight, but The Barracks have done a great job of showing why its way better to not have neighbors above you ever again.

Maintenance Videos

One of the things that I love about this channel is that they have taken the time to create commonly asked maintenance questions for residents to watch and learn. This is something that I wish every condo community, or home builder in College Station would do as it would make everyone’s lives so much easier. Here are some of the great maintenance 101 and FAQ videos from The Barracks.

Exactly what I love to see – developers and property owners helping their tenants be better stewards of their own homes.

If you’d like to learn more about The Barracks Townhomes, visit our community page for listings, floor plans, amenities, and more.